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ninjabird replied to your post “Apparently my avian vet was not an option because he was bought out by…”

Night Owl Bird Hospital?

I don’t know where you are but I will find you and I will hug you

Apparently my avian vet was not an option because he was bought out by some other guy who is not an avian vet.  I guess I have to go with this guy for now while I try to find other avian vets in the area.

Asker taxos Asks:
hello! back in august i bought a dilute blue parrotlet and tamed her. shes about 6 months old now, and i was wondering how long her first molt will go on? she's got a lot of pin feathers on her neck and head and she comes out most of the day while im working on school work and loves her neck scratched. does their first molt last longer than others as they age?
thepacificparrotlet thepacificparrotlet Said:

I don’t have a specific time frame but the first moult is much longer than any other moults they will ever have.  They have to get rid of all their baby fluff and replenish nearly all the feathers they had when they were weaning so they can properly fight the elements and fly.

How long it takes will vary on the environment, diet, and sometimes the specific bird so I don’t have a very good answer for you but it will take several months.  Zeeby is just going through her first moult, ridding of all those baby feathers right now and this has been going on for about 4 months now and is still going strong!

You may find that the moult also fluctuates a little bit, they’ll moult like crazy for a few weeks then stop and start up again just when you think it’s done!  I’m guessing Zeeby’s moult will last for 2-3 more months at least bringing her baby moult to a minimum total of 7 months.

You may find that as we are heading in to winter your bird’s moult may slow down during the winter, gradually losing a few feathers during the cold months and will pick up again once the temperature rises.

So as a general rule I would expect 7 months for a baby moult and somewhere around 3 months for any moult after that but those numbers can veay greatly.  It varies from species to species, environmental changes and diet so don’t quote me on that but it’s a general guideline anyways!

Zeeby’s baby moult is still going strong so you’ll have to excuse her scruffiness!

Mia was begging to do some flying so I let her do three laps, bird I am trying to let you rest up until the vet can take you, why you do this?

Trying to get different angles for flight shots, the room I use for free flying has horrific lighting, hopefully I can get them flying in a brighter room and get clearer images in the future.  Until then, grainy offset flight shots!

Asker pom-seedss Asks:
Yay on the new camera btw :3
thepacificparrotlet thepacificparrotlet Said:

not new (Though I haven’t had it for a year yet so technically it is still new), just the same camera finally got fixed and returned to me!

Did I mention she moulted out a lot of her discoloured rump feathers? LOOK AT DAT BLUE BUM